July 15, 2009
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has launched its new website www.vinelandresearch.com, which features the new Vineland Blog.

Dr. Jim Brandle, CEO, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, says, “Through the introduction of our new blog and other interactive features on our new website, guests are welcome to interact with our scientists, industry professionals and some of Ontario’s finest master gardeners.”

Focusing on Vineland’s three areas of excellence, research, business and destination, the website offers industry-driven, leading-edge research, a repository for horticulture resources, an all-inclusive calendar outlining horticulture events and happenings across the country and around the world, information on how to become a part of the Vineland vision, details on Vineland as a science and leisure destination and a forum for two-way communication with the new Vineland blog.

With its blog, Vineland hopes to provide information on what’s new in horticulture science, the science and pleasure of gardening, as well as what’s new at the centre. The blog will include news, images, videos and interesting conversations taking place around the globe relating to horticulture. It will also be introducing some guest bloggers from time to time.

“The new website offers the industry an easy-to-use, interactive and informative place to find the latest buzz surrounding horticulture science,” said Darlene Webb, the centre’s director of public relations and communications.