August 15, 2013
Denis Flanagan CLD
LO Manager of Membership and Public Relations

Denis FlanaganI spent a great deal of time in July visiting projects that were designed and created by members. Most evident was how true the tagline, “Proud member of Landscape Ontario,” shone at every stop on the tour.

The road trip started in the Thornbury, Collingwood and Hanover area at the beginning of July, when The Backyard Glam tour was presented for the first time. The most common word on the lips of all the attendees was Wow! Visitors were treated to some spectacular gardens that showcased water features, extensive plantings and more.

There was a very interesting evening tour which demonstrated the ambience that can be created with night lighting and custom-built fire features. A clever partnership among designers, contractors, sponsors and local chapter volunteers delivered an outstanding event. You can visit the link at

In mid-July, the London Chapter also did an amazing job organizing its annual Landscapes of Excellence Tour. The title says it all! On the tour were six very diverse gardens, open to the public. Keen visitors were busy taking lots of pictures, making notes and being very impressed that the designers and contractors were available at the gardens to answer questions.  

A couple of staff members from the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association drove up for Landscapes of Excellence. They plan to include some of the sites as part of a bus tour of Michigan contractors and designers who will be part of a professional development day in August.

Well done, London Chapter committee, on a great event. For story and photos on the event, see page 9 in this issue.

In July, your membership department’s ongoing member-appreciation campaign took Helen Hassard, LO membership and chapter coordinator, and me to visit several members and their crews on job sites in the Toronto, London and Upper Canada Chapters.

It seems that every time we go out on these site visits, a new idea springs into action. In London we visited Peter Vanderley at a condominium site that his company maintains. After talking with Peter, we came up with an idea of sending property managers a letter from LO to thank them for hiring a professional member. We would also send a copy to the property managers association. It’s another way to spread the good word about hiring professional members of Landscape Ontario.

Certainly one of the most gratifying parts of the tours and site visits is getting to meet the homeowners and realizing how proud they are of their beautiful properties.

Hmmmm, perhaps we need a new bumper sticker campaign for consumers.
Denis Flanagan can be reached at or at 905-875-1805, ext. 2303.