May 15, 2013
High Skills Major Landscape Horticulture students and teachers at Craig Kielburger Secondary School in Milton have taken on an ambitious project to convince the Halton Board of Education to build a new greenhouse at the school.

LO member and teacher at the school Wendy Peters explains, “The absence of a greenhouse creates limitations to program delivery and therefore limits the growth of this program. During the winter months, practical skill development is limited. The program consequently focuses on more sedentary components of green industries (landscape design) as the students do not have the space to complete practical activities in landscape construction and plant production.”

The program was featured in the January issue of Landscape Ontario magazine.

Peters says the addition of a greenhouse at CKSS will allow the continued development of the general interest and SHSM Green Industries programs.

A number of presentations have been made at the board office and with trustees. “It is looking promising that the board will support us and also possibly fund a good portion of the project. We have not formally initiated fundraising, as I have been holding off to see what the board will fund,” says Peters.

The students have created a video promoting the new greenhouse. It may be viewed at