April 19, 2024
LO Growers Group Newsletter - April 2024

1. Save the date: Growers Nursery Tour

Mark August 29 on your calendar for a nursery tour. A subcommittee is planning this important event (Case Vanderkruk, Richard Suk, and Christi Garneau, along with the LO team of Lauralee and Jeanine). It will be a long and great day for staff and owners alike. Registration and details to follow next month.

2. Box Tree Moth traps for boxwood growers

You should be planning to put your traps out by the end of April (and if in a greenhouse they should already be up). Note: Solida.ca is no longer carrying the 1mo septa lures, but instead has 60 polyvial lures that should be used instead. These fit perfectly in the UniTrap baskets. You can also choose to use the 3mo gel lures, too — they're just a bit messier but do have the longer efficacy.

3. Spotted Lanternfly (SLF)

IMPORTANT REMINDER: We’re asking everyone to be vigilant to look out for SLF egg masses on incoming loads, particularly trucks coming in from the Northeastern United States where SLF is established. Ideally, all farms are posting information around their shipping/receiving areas. The new CFIA poster is quite good and can be used in lieu of preparing your own.

4. Immigration limits on Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW)

At this time, we are hearing that the cuts to TFW coming into Canada will not affect the agricultural streams. We continue to watch for any updates and will share new information as it comes available.

5. Invasive Species - Action Fund

We applied to Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) again for funding to help offset the cost of the scouting program and invasive pest surveillance to the Growers' Group. We hope to hear in the next few weeks. Scouting season is just around the corner, so Dawson will be starting at the end of the month.
This report is provided by LO’s Grower Technical Analyst, Jeanine West.
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