June 15, 2017
In 2017, Cub Cadet and Come Alive Outside are working with Ontario communities to celebrate the importance of outdoor, unstructured play by laying down sod and creating temporary parks on prominent streets, with the Green Street Challenge.

The programs create an opportunity for children and families to play outside and value all the benefits that green spaces have to offer. With childhood obesity and mental illness on the rise, time spent outside getting active and connecting to nature has never been so important. The Green Street Challenge is a way to remind communities of the importance of creating and developing green spaces that encourage families to get outside and get active.
“We were really excited by the idea of creating a canvas in which families can be reminded of the importance of creating their own outdoor spaces and “unlocking the possible” of their yards and communities,” said Melanie Kacic, Marketing Director of Cub Cadet.

Sarah Walker, executive director of Come Alive Outside says the sponsorship from Cub Cadet will allow more marketing and messaging to explain to people what the Green Streets Challenge actually is, and will help to support Come Alive Outside in the organization and coordination of the events.

Based in the United States, Walker says Come Alive Outside is now a registered charity in that country and an incorporated non-for-profit in Canada. CAO started the year-long process of obtaining registered charity status in Canada, that will give better access to funding for future projects.

For more information on the Green Streets Challenge, visit comaliveoutside.com.