July 15, 2009
Denis Flanagan CLD
Director of public relations

Denis FlanaganChances are, if you’re reading this column, we have probably met. Over my years in the green industry, I’ve had the privilege of meeting literally thousands of horticulture professionals. I count all you folks among my valued acquaintances, and many of you are close friends.

Where am I going with this? That I am hearing, over and over, your new customers are finding you through the member listings on our public website, www.landscapeontario.com.

Even before our Green for Life re-vamp, the site was wonderfully effective at generating business for members. With our new look, and our huge selection of articles and photos, it’s more popular than ever – and our web traffic reports are proving it.

The LO database automatically publishes your company name, phone number and web address (if you have one on file) on www.landscapeontario.com, and indicates if you have any certifications or awards.

Now, improvements allow you to upload information and photos to create your own profile – which is really your own personal web page on the site!

The illustration, a member profile from Ottawa’s Rockcliffe Landscaping, shows how effective Green for Life profiles can be. It features a live link to the company’s own website at upper right, the company logo and a certification logo for each credential earned within the company.

“We had no problem uploading the information at all,” says Marc Arnold of Rockcliffe. The company uses many points of contact in its marketing program, including truck wraps, neighbourhood flyers, jobsite signs, its profile on www.landscapeontario.com and its own website. Arnold says, “It’s great that you can jump on the site. We believe in multiple exposure; every piece of visibility helps a customer say, ‘I think I’ve heard of these guys.’

Rockcliffe staff member Stacey Duguay took full advantage of the member profile. She uploaded the company’s logo, areas of operation, project scope, client types and a summary highlighting Rockcliffe’s specialties. Twelve pictures tell Rockcliffe’s story in full colour. She even included its tagline, “Your Lifestyle, Your Retreat, Your Garden.” And this is all free to LO members!

As Marc said, uploading the information for your profile is easy; visit www.horttrades.com/GFL for instructions. And next time I see you, let me know how it’s working for you!
Denis Flanagan may be contacted at dflanagan@landscapeontario.com.

Caption: Would you take advantage of a free web page if it was offered? Rockcliffe Landscaping of Ottawa recognizes the value; this is what its member profile looks like on www.landscapeontario.com.