March 15, 2009
Denis Flanagan CLD
Manager of public relations

Denis FlanaganAs we move into some exciting times with our Green for Life campaign, we will try and make it as easy as possible for chapters, sector groups and individual members to help get the message out to consumers. One great example of what is possible on the local level is to follow what has been done in the Upper Canada Chapter. Spearheaded by Paul Doombos from Thornbusch Landscaping this event in March could serve as a template for other groups.  Visit  and click on Home Shows.

Ten Step Plan

Step 1.    Include promoting a consumer event in your strategic plan
Step 2.    Develop a strong relationship with a like minded association or group
Step 3.    Suggest partnering to create an educational event or speaker series
Step 4.    Seek out funding through Chapter promotional funds, government grants, Private companies               
Step 5.    Utilize your Milton office to help secure speakers
Step 6.    Utilize your Milton office to develop marketing pieces
Step 7.    Engage the members of both organizations to promote the event
Step 8.    Engage the local media
Step 9.    Enjoy your success
Step 10.  Start planning for next year

I know many other Chapters have developed other fabulous relationships at the local level, it would be great to receive your input and ideas.

Through the efforts of the branding committee, print material and props will support province-wide consumer events for our Green for Life message. Contact me at the Milton office to find out what is available.

Finally, we often find our members have great ideas to promote their association, but do not always have the time to follow through with all the details. Always remember, your staff at the Milton office run a full-time business supporting members.
Denis Flanagan may be contacted at